MMA Brisbane - Adrian Pang

Adrian Pang

Warriors Realm Australian Lightweight Champion 10/01/2004

Hextreme Australasian Lightweight Champion 27/10/2007

Cage Fighting Championship World Lightweight Champion 11/07/2009

Legend Fighting Championship Asia Pacific Lightweight Champion 24/06/2010

Legend Fighting Championship Asia Pacific Lightweight Champion 27/01/2011

MMA Brisbane - Kyle Noke

Kyle Noke

XFC Australian Welterweight Champion 05/06/2004

Warriors Realm Australian Welterweight Champion 12/03/2005

Warriors Realm Welterweight Champion 02/07/2005

XFC Australian Middleweight Champion 13/10/2006

MMA Brisbane - Issac Hardman

Issac Hardman

AFC Australian Lightweight Champion 15/04/17

XFC Australian Lightweight Champion 19/08/17

AFC 28/09/17

Daniel Hill

Eternal Australian Lightweight Champion 20 March 2021

Jackson Small

XFC Australian Featherweight Champion 28 July 2018

Jamie Sporne

XFC Amateur Welterweight Champion 12 December 2020

MMA Brisbane - Ben Nguyen

Ben Nguyen

Number 8 Ranked UFC Flyweight

Former Nitro MMA Bantamweight Australian Champion

MMA Brisbane - Jessy Jess

Jessy Jess

Unarmed Combat Australian Women’s Bantamweight Champion 08/02/1014

XFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion   14/06/2014

Roshambo Aust. BW Champ. 26/07/14

Craig Callaghan

XFC Welterweight Champion. 22.10.2022

MMA Brisbane - Michael Mortimer

Michael Mortimer

Warriors Realm Australian Bantamweight Champion 09/11/07

Rize FC Australian Bantamweight Champion 29/05/10

Underground MMA Australian Bantamweight Champion 23/07/11

MMA Brisbane - Damien Brown

Damien Brown

XFC Australian Lightweight Champion 28/02/15

Brace Australian Lightweight Champion 19/09/15

XFC Australian Lightweight Champion 20/02/16

MMA Brisbane - Korey Gibson

Korey Gibson

KOTM Australian Lightweight Champion 19/05/2007

Warriors Realm Australian Lightweight Champion 09/11/2007

ISKA NZ Lightweight Champion 11/05/2013

MMA Brisbane - James Adamson

James Adamson

Adrenaline Unleashed WKBF QLD Welterweight Champion 10/07/14

MMA Brisbane - Matt Cain

Matt Cain

Warriors Realm Australian Welterweight Champion 11/08/07

MMA Brisbane - Tristan Murphy

Tristan Murphy

Eternal MMA Australian Welterweight Champion 02/04/16

MMA Brisbane - Alex McDonald

Alex McDonald

Brace Australian Lightweight Champion 26/11/16

MMA Brisbane - Tyler Manawaroa

Tyler Manawaroa

Nitro Middleweight Champion 07/07/2013

Mandy Stewart

Spartan RFS Australian Bantamweight Champion 01/04/05


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